Important Announcements!

First, we are giving away a matched pattern-anodized AR15 upper/lower set to five donors who give at least $25 to The Heller Foundation - Click to Donate
One lucky winner will be randomly selected each month from July through November of 2016.

Second, we are producing several lines of rifles commemorating the 2008 Supreme Court ruling that the Second Amendment protects an individual right. Learn more...

EFI, LLC is a firearm manufacturer (07 FFL / C2 SOT) located in Inwood, WV. We specialize in custom order, highly accurate, and reliable handguns, carbines, and rifles for competition shooters, law-enforcement, and military applications.  We also offer gunsmithing, refinishing, and restoration services for most firearms, including NFA weapons.


Title I Firearms: $20.00 for the first and $10.00 per additional firearm on one 4473.         

Title II Firearms: $35.00 paperwork, fingerprints $10 per card, $10 for two passport photos.

EFI, LLC does not charge any additional fees, e.g. a percentage of the gun's value or a "storage fee", in addition to the transfer fees listed, and we do not collect sales tax on guns purchased out of state and transferred through us.



EFI, LLC: Serving the Shenendoah Valley as a Gunsmith and Custom Firearm Manufacturer Since 2008.